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Hi! Thank you for making something for me. That automatically means you're awesome :) I promise I am super easy to please. If you want to ignore the contents of this letter and just write or draw whatever first sprang into your head, please do that. I realise it's inherently a bit ridiculous to write a letter for an exchange that's like, twenty times longer than the minimum word count. It's here as a ramble on me and my tastes for if you like that kind of thing, but it's totally skippable.

General likes and dislikes

Writing-wise, I like just-like-canon plots, plotless relationship fluff, PWPs, vignettes and epics. My feelings on plot and smut are actually much the same - I appreciate them a lot when they're there, but I don't miss them when they're not. I like all kinds of different writing styles, from perfectly straightforward prose to just-like-the-source to the more experimental, and I'm happy with things like second person POV and non-standard grammar if you feel like using them. I'm also fine with original characters, provided they don't steal the focus of the story too much.

What I'm really interested in, though, is the canon characters; how they feel, what their quirks are, how they'd approach a given situation, how they interact with each other. I'm not married to any one interpretation of a given character; if I can see how you got from point how-they-are-in-canon to point how-they-are-in-your-story I'll be perfectly happy, whether or not it's how I personally think of them.

I'm very open to kink, if it's your thing - I'll love pretty much anything if you make me believe it turns the character(s) you're writing about on. (I say 'pretty much' - thus far, I have never been turned off by the presence of any kink in a story if the story itself worked for me.) Bondage, impact play, orgasm control, dirty talk, pegging, sex toys, joyful, enthusiastic submission and joyful, enthusiastic sadism are all automatic hot buttons for me. I'm also all over things that subvert the standard dom/sub dynamic, like service topping or the dom getting fucked. I'm open to fanfic-standard dubcon scenarios if you like (so things like sex pollen or aliens made them do it); I'd prefer no noncon.

I'm not usually a fan of always-the-other-gender AUs, but I have all the time in the world for trans and/or nonbinary headcanons for characters. Racebending AUs are cool too :) Soul mates(/marks/bonding), A/B/O and BDSM universe AUs do it for me but I'd rather they're not played absolutely straight, eg. I'd prefer a story about the forbidden love between two omegas to an alpha/omega knotting fest.

Things I always love in stories:

anything that makes use of fairy tales or mythology
characters telling each other stories
unreliable narrators
people who really enjoy working together
people who are very, very competent at what they do
stories centered on women and/or LGBT+ folks
characters with complex sexualities and/or gender identities
deep, complicated friendships
deep, complicated friendships between people who are also lovers
discussions/negotiations over how a relationship works
discussions/negotiations about sex and/or kink (before, during and/or after it happens)
open relationships
oodles of sexual tension, especially when it's resolved happily
sex that is messy and/or awkward but also fun
unconventional romantic gestures
last minute out-of-the-left-field happy endings
fannish cliches (huddling for warmth, undercover as a couple, must share a bed because Reasons, etc....)

Art-wise, I'm really open to anything in terms of style. Photorealistic, cartoony, colourful or moody black-and-white, I just love fanart and will take it however it comes.

Things I always love in art:

Focus on the characters' faces
Short funny comics, even with stick figures
Race or gender-bent characters
Posed portraits
The opposite - something that captures the characters casually going about their day-to-day
Action scenes (I am super envious if you can do these!)
Imperfect, lived-in bodies

Stuff I can do without:

I don't have any art squicks that I've discovered so far.

I have a fairly heavy embarrassment squick, so anything involving a character being mocked or humiliated or just massively screwing up socially will upset me. A character feeling uncomfortable or socially awkward won't bother me as long as it eventually gets better; consensual humiliation kink is also fine.

Angst/unhappiness is fine, but I don't usually like very bleak endings - I'd prefer, if not a happy ending, a hopeful or bittersweet one.

When it comes to romance, I'm not a fan of high levels of jealousy or possessiveness, cheating, you're-the-only-one-I've-ever-really-loved (especially for older characters), or We're Not Gay We Just Love Each Other.


V for Vendetta: Evey/Finch

I am freaking *obsessed* with this pairing. Give me them ten years after the film ends. Give me them five minutes after the film ends. Give me Evey making Finch her protege. Give me Finch pointing Evey at every mess he's been unable to clear up his whole career. Give me them stealing Gordon's art treasures back from the censor. Give me them heisting butter and distributing it to the masses. Give me them falling in love. Give me them having dirtybadwrong sex and feeling weird about it. Basically, write or draw whatever the hell you like for this pairing, I will be 100% down for it.

One of my favourite things about this film is that it slips a happy ending into the middle of the movie, since it would be inappropriate to put it at the end. When Finch is talking about how he saw 'everything that has happened, and everything that's going to happen' there's a series of flashbacks and flashforwards - and one of the flashforwards is to Evey, her hair long again, arranging a vase of scarlet carsons as Finch sips a glass of whiskey and watches her in the mirror:

Evey and Finch in the future

It's on screen for literally a second - you can find it at about the 1hr 38min mark - but it's there.

I think one of the smartest moves the adaptation made was to change things around so that it's Finch, rather than some random boy, who becomes Evey's protegé. I think Evey's strength and idealism and Finch's dogged determination complement each other really well, and I love the idea of them rebuilding Britain together. On a shallower level, they hit my May/December kink liek woah :) So yeah, I would love PWP, I would love romantic fluff. In the opposite direction, I would love caper!fic with them rattling up and down the country like a particularly grim version of the Avengers (the British ones). Art-wise, I'd love porn, romantic fluff, an action shot, them on a 'Your Country Needs You!' style poster, or maybe run with the Avengers thing and pose them like Emma Peel and John Steed? I just want them to be together and be awesome.

Dark City: John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber, Emma Murdoch/John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber

I just want Daniel to have nice things :) I love so much that he looks like the most horrendously cliched of movie villains - a psychologist! and a collaborator! with a speech impediment! and a facial disfigurement! and a limp! - and then he saves the day, and it turns out that was all he ever wanted to do. I'm also fascinated by that little shot of him taking Emma's place in John's memories and offering John a rose - so much potential there, for genuine romance or terrible mindfuckery or just good old fashioned triangulation between the male leads :) And of course that dynamic could get even more interesting if the real Emma wanted to play as well. Porn appreciated, sci fi worldbuilding appreciated, classic first time appreciated - basically whatever you like.

Yeah, this is another film where under two seconds of screentime dictated my pairing preferences forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd prefer the characters don't end up miserable, but I'm up for a wide range of things tonally here - happy polyamorous fluff or seemingly-unrequited-until-the-last-second pining or a PWP which uses John's Tuning or Daniel's ability to mess with memories for kink purposes. I'd also love anything that plays with the idea that Daniel tried to make Emma into a perfect partner for John, but it didn't work - either she ends up very different to how he intended or John isn't interested, or OT3-wise she turns out very different and John and Daniel both prefer her that way. For art you can definitely consider 'happy polyamorous fluff' or 'Tuning for kink purposes' prompts :) I'd also love something that embraces the noir/gothic/chiaroscuro aesthetic of the film.

Tortall: Alanna & Kel

Oh goodness, that scene where they finally get to talk properly at the end of Squire makes me cry every single time I read it. I love so much that Kel and Alanna appreciate each other both as symbols and as people, and that Alanna finds just as much to admire about Kel as the reverse. I'd love to see them training together, Kel going to Alanna for advice (or vice versa! That might be even better), them thrown into a situation where they have to rely on each other (a bandit raid? a magical crisis? an unexpected formal dinner party?). I do have a preference for this to be fairly Bechdel pass-y, with a focus on their friendship and/or the work they do rather than on either of their romantic lives.

A wild gen prompt appears! I think I covered this fairly thoroughly already, but yeah - Alanna and Kel, getting to spend time together and appreciate each other and maybe help each other out. I love so much that this isn't a simple hero-worship relationship, that Alanna thinks Kel's wonderful too and knows that she can do things as a fighter and as a role model that Alanna herself can't do. Art-wise, I'd particularly love them kicking ass together, or them chilling out together, or something involving formal wear (I think it's really interesting how both of them embrace feminine clothing, but not quite in the same way; Alanna genuinely likes to be girly now and then, whereas for Kel it's absolutely combative: 'I am female and you don't get to forget it'.)

Fallout 4: Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine

WHY CAN'T I FUCK THE TOASTER?!? *ahem* I mean, Nick is my favourite companion by a very wide margin - funny, self-deprecating, supportive, masses of angst in his backstory while being fairly upbeat himself. And yeah, I'm still not over the fact he's not a romance option. Plus human/robot sex is the best, just sayin'. Especially if it's a little bit out there. Give me romance, or porn, or casefic, or whatever strikes your fancy as long as Nick doesn't end up sad.

Yeah, I maaaybe like robots. And robot/human relationships. And robot/human sex, especially when the robot has a sex drive but what gets them off is something outside of what people usually think of as sexual. Nick's particularly fascinating to me on that front because his whole personality's built on human memories but his body's not very human at all. Like, does he have dysphoria? Or is he 100% fine with his body but getting aroused is confusing because it's different to how he remembers it? Or has he spent a bunch of time experimenting and come up with things that work for him? (Does he leave that bit of his neck with the exposed wires uncovered because you can reach in there and directly activate his pleasure centres? Does he have an extensive collection of pre-war strap-ons? Does Dr Amari let him use neural-linked memory loungers for sexual purposes?)

Equally, I can see Nick and Sole bonding over their shared pre-war experience and having an old-fashioned romantic relationship, maybe as much for nostalgic fun as anything else. I can definitely see them going out dancing together, walking each other to their respective doors and not kissing until the third date, much to the bafflement of everyone around them. I would also adore Nick and Sole combined with any of the classic pair-up-the-procedural-partners tropes: adrenaline fueled post-case sex! Kissing to distract people searching for them! Undercover as lovers in a synth-human fetish club!

For art I would particularly love smut, Nick and Sole dancing together, or anything that embraces Nick's 1940s hardboiled detective vibe.

Penn and Teller RPF: Penn/Teller

I mean, forget my preferences, I just want Penn/Teller slash to *exist*. But prompts that would make me particularly happy: something about the amount of trust and connection it takes to do routines like theirs, and how it does or doesn't translate in a romantic/sexual relationship; Penn service topping Teller; cracky romantic comedy shenanigans (Teller has a foolproof plan to seduce Penn but somehow every step something goes wrong! Penn plans to propose onstage but must first deal with the world's most irritating audience volunteer!); Teller just *will not shut up* when you turn him on enough.

Penn and Teller are one of my all-time favourite double acts. I love how funny they are, and how slick, the way their partnership plays to both their strengths (Penn is BIG! and SHOWBOATY! and DISTRACTING! while small, silent Teller is the more technically gifted magician) and just how good they are at what they do.

As far as slash goes, I'm good with anything on the spectrum from 'romantic relationship' to 'friends with occasional benefits'. I'm equally happy with implied open relationships or no-wives-no-girlfriends but would prefer no cheating. I'd love to see anything about how their intimacy as working partners translates (or doesn't) in a romantic/sexual situation, or equally something about sexual/romantic tension creeping into the act onstage. For an example of a trick that gave me slash FEELINGS about them, here's a routine with a nail gun:

I know, I know, it's not really dangerous, but Teller's look of calm trust at the end just *gets* me.

For art, smut or romantic fluff again very welcome, or maybe something funny/slapstick. I'd also love to see them reimagined on a classic 1930s-style magic poster.