carmilla: (Slash)
PROMPT: AU - Vince is Nathan’s age, and the two are thick-as-thieves. They decide to head down to Canal street one night, and Vince meets the infamous SAJ. Stuart takes him home, and then to the hospital.

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carmilla: (Slash)
SUMMARY: Zaphod, Ford, alcohol, and table dancing.
NOTE FROM 2009: Ford in this fic is clearly (to me) played by Mos Def, which is interesting because when I wrote it I thought it was bookverse.

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carmilla: A close up of Brian Molko's face.  Caption reads 'Lipstick trace' (Glam rock)
SUMMARY: The Maurauders go to see the Death of Glitter and meet some very interesting Muggles.
PAIRINGS: Various, principally Sirius/Remus, Ripper/Ethan.
NOTE: This story, like many others, owes a great debt to the very wonderful ‘Fairy Boys’ series by Auburn Crimson.

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carmilla: Aubrey and Maturin playing their instruments (Aubrey/Maturin)
Medically speaking, it was advantageous for a man of Jack’s weight and height to have his upper back routinely massaged. That was the excuse the first time; they scarcely needed one anymore. Stephen swept his long, slim fingers across the bared skin, stroking gently over the shoulders and applying expert pressure to the bulky muscles of the upper arm. Jack’s breath came in spurts; the noises he made in the back of his throat were highly gratifying.

Stephen smiled as he worked. He knew well the power and the gentleness of Jack’s overlarge hands. And it was his turn next.