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Hi all, I'm a twenty-something fandom junkie, and online I go by Carmilla. Feel free to poke around the journal; it might be worth reading the intro post here before you do.

You can find my previous ramblings over at

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alan cumming, alan davies, alan rickman, alanna, alex cox, androgyny, angela carter, angelina jolie, anime, anti-heroes, aubrey/maturin, bad guys, batman, bisexuality, boys in eyeliner, boys in makeup, brian molko, british films, bruce lee, btvs, buffy/giles, cello, chess, china mieville, chris barrie, christopher eccleston, cillian murphy, cj/toby, classical music, david bowie, debate, doctor/rose/jack, drew barrymore, easyworld, ed byrne, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fanfiction, fantasy, fencing, fighting, final fantasy, fred astaire, frida kahlo, gary oldman, gay, girls, glam rock, good omens, greek mythology, hannibal/clarice, harry potter, harry/snape, hedwig, homoeroticism, hugh laurie, iron maiden, isaac asimov, jackie chan, jeanette winterson, jonathan creek, jonathan rhys meyers, journalism, juliette lewis, labyrinth, languages, latin, laughter, leonardo da vinci, literature, liverpool, lord of the rings, m*a*s*h slash, maelstrom, magic, makeup, manga, mark rylance, martial arts, marylin manson, master and commander slash, men with long hair, michelle rodriguez, monty python, music, mythology, narnia, neil gaiman, neil jordan, ninth doctor, novels, octavia butler, opera, paganism, paul bettany, paul mcguigan, performing, pet shop of horrors, placebo, poetry, politics, pretty boys, queer culture, quentin tarantino, quoting, rachel stamp, reading, red dwarf, reuben, robert rodriguez, robin mckinley, rock, rocky horror, rosencrantz/guildenstern, sam west, samuel r delaney, science fiction, shakespeare, short stories, singing, slash, song of the lioness, stand-up comedy, stephen fry, stephen maturin, swords, tamora pierce, tattoos, terry pratchett, the 10th kingdom, the dcu, the west wing, thinking, thursday next, tom stoppard, urban gothic, vampires, velvet goldmine, violin, wil hodgson, women, women on fire, writing
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