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2037-12-31 12:00 pm

Sticky: Intro post

About me:

Thirtysomething queer feminist poly geeky female British humanities graduate. Some of these labels are more important to me than others :) I write some original fiction, mostly short stories, and hope that one day somebody might pay me some money for them. Other than fandom, my hobbies are music, amateur theatre and playing far too many video games. If you want to know a little more about me for whatever reason, feel free to ask questions on this post - consider it an open version of the 'getting to know you' meme.

I first encountered fanfiction as a concept at the age of twelve, in an article about Xena and fandom in the Guardian. I found myself some Xena/Gabrielle fic within hours of being informed of its existence, and haven't really looked back since. The next year Buffy the Vampire Slayer came to UK television, and falling head over heels for Buffy/Giles was enough to make me start writing. Six months after that, I introduced a friend of mine to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, she introduced me to their major fanfiction archive, and I embarked on a love affair with slash that has never really ended.

I've always been pretty polyfannish by nature, and I tend to write one or two stories in a fandom and then move on. On the other hand, fandoms are never really 'dead' to me; I'm always happy to revisit if the right inspiration strikes.

About my fanworks:

1. Please don't repost my fic or art without permission. I am generally happy to give permission for my things to be reposted, but I much prefer to be asked.

2. I like challenges! I pretty much never write sequels to my stories, so that's not worth asking for, but apart from that if you have a plot bunny you think I'll like, feel free to pass it on and I will write the story if I possibly can.

3. I am always happy for people to remix my fic, write sequels to my fic, or translate my fic into other languages. I would like it if you dropped me a link to the finished work, but it's not compulsory :)

4. I'm really, really bad at responding to feedback. Blame a combination of Internet Shyness and bad habits developed on Fanfiction.Net. If you leave me a comment and I don't respond, I'm sorry - I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just being a bit rubbish. This is something I'm working on!

About archiving:

I've thought for a while about what to use my Dreamwidth journal for, and I eventually decided to make it an archive of all my fic, including the things I wrote when I was an angsty teenager and didn't know any better. In order to mitigate the embarrassment factor, I've added 'Notes from 2009' to a lot of my older stories, and some of my newer ones. They'll probably contain a little meta on what I was doing/thinking at the time, and some wincing. Any notes I've placed under a cut are spoilery for the fic, so read at your own risk.

I've dated each fic with my best guess at when I actually wrote it - some of these best guesses will be more accurate than others. I'm removing my original headers, and making some basic edits for spelling and punctuation, but otherwise leaving the text intact.

I'm also including the handful of stories I wrote under the penname 'Kohl' on the Harry Potter Roughside list around 2003. These were my flirtation with writing noncon as erotica, which is something that to be honest, I still feel a bit weird about. However, I do think there's some interesting stuff in them, and I think they helped me develop as a writer, so they're here.

The only stories I've posted that won't be included here are the two fanfics I wrote for Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, which I lost in one of the Fanfiction.Net purges. I think this is a shame, as they included my first ever slashfic (which was only marginally less embarassing than my first hetfic, and a lot more purple prosey), but I don't currently have the energy to hunt through the Wayback Machine to try to find them, or to deal with Anne Rice's lawyers if they decide to turn up.

About my tags:

I think most of my tags are self-explanatory, but here are a couple of clarifications. Feel free to let me know if you think any of my other tags need expanding on.

angst - If I've tagged something as angst, it's because it contains substantial quantities of Emo Porn, ie. characters feeling horrible about themselves or having (maybe slightly over the top) horrible things done to them. Something not being tagged as angst doesn't mean it's not dark!fic.

sillyfic - I suppose the more common term is crack!fic, but in my mind the two genres don't quite overlap. If I've tagged something as sillyfic, I'm playing fast and loose with canon for the sake of humour. It might be metafiction, I might be working the Implausible Crossover Mojo, it could have parodic characterisation or it might just be very slightly AU-ised.

waff - 'warm and fluffy feelings'. Basically, if I feel the urge to describe any part of the fic as 'sap' or 'shmoop', it gets the WAFF tag. My WAFF fics aren't necessarily just fluffy; I'm mostly trying to warn you that if you're averse to sentiment, you might want to give this one a miss.

Warnings policy:

I will always warn for noncon, dubcon, incest, underage sex and explicit violence. I'm defining 'underage sex' as sex involving characters under the age of sixteen, or characters under the age of eighteen if there's also a large age difference.

I will always mention if a fic has BDSM content.

Character death, non-explicit violence, unhappy endings, unhealthy relationships and other dark content will get a generalised 'some dark content' warning, so as to avoid spoilers.

Anything I've rated NC-17 will contain explicit sex - check the tags for more details.

I don't warn for language - any of my fics may contain swearing.

If you're concerned about whether a fic of mine might trigger you and can't tell from the header, feel free to ask me for more information.

Circle policy:

If I've subscribed to you, it's because I know you from Livejournal, I enjoy your fic, or you said something really smart during Racefail '09 (or possibly all three!). I'm always flattered to be granted access, but I'm not expecting it.

If you want to subscribe to me, go ahead! You definitely don't need to ask my permission first. Feel free to leave me a comment somewhere and introduce yourself if you like, but if you just wanna lurk that's fine by me.

I'm not granting access to anyone at the moment as I currently have no plans to make locked entries in this journal.

Big ol' blanket disclaimer:

I did not create and do not own any of the characters or worlds/settings in my fanworks. I make no money from anything posted on this blog.
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2017-01-06 08:43 pm

Dear Chocolate Box Creator

Hi! Thank you for making something for me. That automatically means you're awesome :) I promise I am super easy to please. If you want to ignore the contents of this letter and just write or draw whatever first sprang into your head, please do that. I realise it's inherently a bit ridiculous to write a letter for an exchange that's like, twenty times longer than the minimum word count. It's here as a ramble on me and my tastes for if you like that kind of thing, but it's totally skippable.

General likes and dislikes )


V for Vendetta: Evey/Finch )

Dark City: John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber, Emma Murdoch/John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber )

Tortall: Alanna & Kel )

Fallout 4: Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine )

Penn and Teller RPF: Penn/Teller )
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2009-12-24 12:00 pm

FIC: Two Ways... (The Persuaders, Danny/Brett, G)

SUMMARY: Two Ways Danny and Brett Probably Didn't Get Married, And One Way They Almost Certainly Did

Read more... )
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2009-11-24 12:00 pm

ART: The Role of a Lifetime (DCU, Jason Todd, G)

PROMPT: Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – Jason Todd has been Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, Red Robin and Batman. Next: Batgirl!

Some poor hood never saw this one coming... )
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2007-12-25 12:00 pm

FIC: Unpacking (The Night Watch, Kay, G)

SUMMARY: Kay's moving in. And maybe moving on, in her way.

Read more... )
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2007-09-19 12:00 pm

FIC: Kids' Stuff (Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Cristina, PG)

SUMMARY: Meredith pretends she’s still a kid. Cristina helps. Set pretty early in Season 1.

Meredith does stupid things when she's drunk. )
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2007-09-16 12:00 pm

FIC: A Class Act (Chicago, Mama Morten/Velma Kelly, R)

SUMMARY: 'Mama remembers a time when she only had prisoners in her office when they needed something from her.'

Read more... )
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2006-12-25 12:00 pm

FIC: Home for the Holidays (Discworld, the City Watch, G)

SUMMARY: The Watch have to spend Hogswatch in the Ramtops. This is awkward for Colon, but even more awkward for Angua.

Sergeant Colon was not a happy man. )
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2005-09-08 12:00 pm

FIC: Full Deniability (Red Dwarf, Lister/Rimmer, PG)

SUMMARY: A little bit of ‘what if?’ based around Back To Reality.

They’d never said anything. )
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2005-09-05 12:00 pm

DRABBLE: 20/20 Hindsight (Red Dwarf, Kryten, G)

Being a mechanoid, Kryten just didn’t understand how humans could have such lapses in memory regarding their own pasts. Take Mr. Lister, probably his favourite human ever. Despite the fact he’d done little but argue with Mr. Rimmer for the entire time they’d been together, as soon as Mr. Rimmer had left he’d started to miss him. Started to talk about him, talk about the good times, whatever they were supposed to have been. Started to dream about him; and despite Kryten’s best efforts, it seemed those dreams were persisting. He was depressed.

Kryten hated to see Mr. Lister sad, especially for such an irrational reason. After all, Mr. Rimmer had only ever been perfect for Kryten himself: obnoxious, unpleasant, a total smeee – well, anyway. Entirely unthreatening, unlike the woman on board now. With Mr. Rimmer on board, Kryten had been safe as Mr. Lister’s best friend. After all, there was no way Mr. Lister could ever have fallen in love with him. And yet, Mr. Lister persisted in his stubborn depression; for some unaccountable reason, he wanted Mr. Rimmer back.

At times like this, Kryten was glad he wasn’t human; at least there was nothing wrong with his memory.