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SUMMARY: 'Mama remembers a time when she only had prisoners in her office when they needed something from her.'

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PROMPT: AU - Vince is Nathan’s age, and the two are thick-as-thieves. They decide to head down to Canal street one night, and Vince meets the infamous SAJ. Stuart takes him home, and then to the hospital.

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SUMMARY: The Maurauders go to see the Death of Glitter and meet some very interesting Muggles.
PAIRINGS: Various, principally Sirius/Remus, Ripper/Ethan.
NOTE: This story, like many others, owes a great debt to the very wonderful ‘Fairy Boys’ series by Auburn Crimson.

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NOTES: The idea of a Dead Letter is that a character is given a chance to write one 100 word letter to one person immediately after their death. I tend to take them as a challenge to fit as much story into as short a space as possible :) These aren't meant to be companion pieces.

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