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PROMPT: Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – Jason Todd has been Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, Red Robin and Batman. Next: Batgirl!

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SUMMARY: The Watch have to spend Hogswatch in the Ramtops. This is awkward for Colon, but even more awkward for Angua.

Sergeant Colon was not a happy man. )
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SUMMARY: Indications of an alien lifeform bring the Doctor and Rose to Ancient Rome, and a poet creating his masterpiece.

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SUMMARY: “Poor things,” she’d said. “Poor silly things. Leaving the city of dreams.”

Dave remembers when the neighbours moved house. )
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The street is deserted, but you can feel the prickle of eyes on the back of your neck. It’s past three in the morning; you breathe dew instead of air. A slight breeze stirs the velvet drapes that serve as doors as you pass them. Darkness drips from the eves of buildings like moisture from the roof of a cave, leaving long stalagtites of shadow in its wake. The tramp of your boots echoes on the worn cobblestones, rude and out of place, and the fog rushes out and swirls around your feet to muffle them into quietness.

You must be quiet.

The breeze tugs at your sleeve impatiently, motioning you forward. You are at the door; the door you passed without seeing yesterday and many days before. Until a stranger met you at your club, and bought you drinks, and trickled red-tinged dreams of glory into your ear. Lastly, he whispered the name of this place. Where to come, when.

The door opens at your touch. A pale, featureless mask floats in the darkness behind it.

“Ah, you’re right on time.” The masked voice smiles. “Come in.”

The night reaches out a tendril, and pulls you into its heart.
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WARNINGS: Some dark content.


another useless tug at the chains

please, don’t do this

the change is coming faster though he tries to hold it off, tries to think with something other than his teeth

don’t do this

warm, human blood, close enough to taste
a scrabbling of limbs no longer entirely human

don’t do this to me

as his eyesight fades to a muted black and white, all he can see is a beatific smile
then scent takes over, sweat, adrenaline, anticipation; for the first time he can remember, he doesn’t smell fear

don’t make me do this to you

pants it out, struggles to keep his jaw human long enough to be understood

Harry does not move.

I’m sorry, he says, but I need to stop feeling

And Remus bites him.