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It could have been the alcohol, but he was fairly sure it wasn't. Dear Lord, he hoped it wasn't.

Because here was this beautiful woman (he was pretty sure she was beautiful, if he squinted slightly) talking to him. That was a rarity, if not something entirely new.

When she sat back for a minute, stretching her arms, making her shirt crease across her front in an extremely interesting way, that could almost have sealed the deal by itself. But then she did something better.

She leaned in close, and whispered those magical three little words.

"I vote Republican."
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It was the end of the beginning. An unnatural silence fell in the Swamp. It wasn't as if they had never fought before, but this fight was - harder. Symbolic of something bigger.

Hawkeye felt Trapper's words straining with the weight of representation. Heard him rant about his damned risk taking, how he was stupid to risk his reputation, their safety, knew what he was actually saying.

The rift would be healed, with soft words, soft touches, caution. An end to those first heady days, their feeling of invulnerability.

They would continue. But they both knew the honeymoon was over.