carmilla: A close up of Brian Molko's face.  Caption reads 'Lipstick trace' (Glam rock)
SUMMARY: The Maurauders go to see the Death of Glitter and meet some very interesting Muggles.
PAIRINGS: Various, principally Sirius/Remus, Ripper/Ethan.
NOTE: This story, like many others, owes a great debt to the very wonderful ‘Fairy Boys’ series by Auburn Crimson.

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carmilla: Buffy and Giles standing together (Buffy/Giles)
SUMMARY: Rumours are flying. Set around Season Five, but disregards all canon past Season Four (except for the bits I like).

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carmilla: Buffy and Giles standing together (Buffy/Giles)
WARNING: It's called Epitaph, and yes, Buffy and Giles are dead before the fic starts. I don't think of this as an unhappy story, though.
NOTE FROM 2009: OK, this isn't really a story so much as a 'ship manifesto disguised as a story. There's nothing much wrong with it, but unless you're a 'shipper it's really not that interesting. I think I did the same thing rather better in 'The Truth About Buffy and Giles'.

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