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She became his every wish, his every fantasy. She could see it in his eyes when she entered; the light she lit there, the flame she kindled. This was power, to make him hers with a simple smile. To give him true love's first kiss.

Of course, it didn't end in happy ever after. Of course, soon enough, he saw through her, and drove her away. She sighed in frustration. Why couldn't he see? She didn't have to fear the striking of the clock. She could remain the fairy tale princess, the fantasy - just as long as he wanted.

Into the Woods

She shrugged down into her clothes, pulled the hood over her head, still shivering. Whether with cold, adrenaline or fear, she wasn't quite sure.

It had seemed a good idea, taking that shortcut. It had seemed daring. Then, the truck had stopped, and he'd stared down at her. What big eyes.....

She'd been afraid he would hurt her. He hadn't. He'd let her stay. She was still scared of him. She'd seen him snarling, baring his claws. She couldn't forget it.

He smiled his wolfish smile at her. What big teeth.....

She felt like she'd already been eaten alive.

Trickster God

Loki was the only god allowed to change and grow. He started out an impish boy, troublesome but a good friend in time of need. He ended by beginning the end of the world.

Fire leaps through my fingers, grows in my hands as I come alive through the sheer joy of it. Curious thing, fire. Tamed, it's the root of civilisation. Wild, it's destruction, pure and simple.

I watch their shocked faces as they see what I can do. They're worried about me. They think I'm their friend, needing their help.

Never forget. Loki was always a trickster.